Bearded Theory Festival 2016 – live review #2

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13305199_10153733585277689_5790199692194565694_oThe headliners The Dub Pistols exploded onto stage in a whirl of kinetic energy, their unique brass tinged dub igniting the crowd into a communal celebration – the entire band pinball the stage, and they offer up material from their current ‘Return of the Pistoleros’ album, the snake like bass sounds wrapping round the audience who are now on each other’s shoulders exploding the myth of a quiet Thursday night – the genre mix continues as they delve back to their punk roots with The Stranglers ‘Peaches’ and on to The Specials ‘Gangsters’, the swirling of musical currents pooling into a wave of bass driven sound that has the entire audience dancing as if they were closing not opening the festival!

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Bearded Theory Festival 2016 – live review #2

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