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it’s snow joke…
After narrowly missing out on the Best Live Act Award at the 2012AIM Music Awards (to none other than The Prodigy we may add)Dub Pistols have been nominated for not one but threeInternational Breakspoll Awards! As you can imagine, we are super proud.
Dub Pistols are up for Best Live Act, naturally, Best Album for ‘Worshipping The Dollar‘, and Barry Ashworth is up for Best DJ, which comes as no surprise for the masses who have danced the night away with the main man himself, whether that be in Thailand, Russia (seriously) or countless venues around the UK – Barry’s DJing credentials are, indeed, global.
Now, this is where we need you (yes, you). The International Breaksbeat Awards are by Breakspoll, which naturally infers that the winners are indeed chosen by poll and by none other than (this is where you come in) you. It will take less than two minutes of your time that, lets face it, would be much cooler spent onBreakspoll and music rather than giving Facebook some much un-needed positive analytics. What this really boils down to is Facebook vs. music, so vote music yeah? You can do this here, or by clicking the picture above, and it would mean so much if you did.
Sticking with Dub’s, we have some more news for you (yes, you) – There is a new Dub Pistols digital single dropping in the very immediate future. We would not want to give too much away, but we are going to anyway. The single is called ‘ Gunshot‘, which features on their award-nominated album ‘Worshipping The Dollar ‘. It will come smothered in a number of pumpin’ remixes and keep your eyes peeled for the accompanying short movie that will be dropping shortly. Bang, lovely!