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MUSIC-NEWS.COM review of Bearded Theory Festival 2011

Bearded Theory Festival


added: 11 Jun 2011 // gig date: 13 Jun 2011 
reviewer: Sid Reddy


Bearded Theory started off as a small gathering and has now grown into a large festival in Derbyshire, dragging in over 2000 people each year. Although it is not a well known festival it certainly has a large loyal following. When I first arrived I was greeted with wind, rain and dark clouds looming overhead. However the atmosphere and the people made it feel like I was in the middle of a hot summers day. Everyone was dancing around with a beer and an umbrella in hand whilst reggae beats strummed through the air. 

The Friday presented many good acts but the best by far were ‘The Skints’, a reggae band from London. Usually when I put reggae on I want to relax and lie in the sun with a beer but this band just made me want to dance like a madman. Everyone was jumping up and down to the rhythm and I just wanted to join in. They have really merged the old with something new and exciting; this band are definitely one to look out for in the future.

Saturday had nicer weather which just increased the amazing atmosphere. The festival is very family orientated with a kid’s play area running activities all day. It’s refreshing to see somewhere catering for youngsters as well as the older generation. 

The 3 Daft Monkeys really started the day off for me. Even though it’s not generally the type of music I listen to it was thoroughly enjoyable and I really got into locking arms with the person next to me and swinging round in a jig. They were so full of energy and made the bright day even better. My favourite band of the day were the Dub Pistols, a big beat dub band from London. They were suave and seductive, drawing in the audience with every single song they played. They mixed the smooth, chilled sounds of reggae with the swift beats of ska. Truly an amazing band and I recommend seeing them if you ever get a chance!

David Gibb & The Pony Club started the sleepy Sunday morning with quirky tunes and a couple of sing a long tunes. This band are definitely going to get big in the future so keep an eye out for them! They’re doing a summer tour this year so if you can get to a gig then go! My favourite act of the weekend was The Petebox. He records live beatboxing, samples and loops it, creates another track and layers it all together creating a whole song using only his voicebox. The tent was absolutely packed out within minutes and the crowd loved him. Everyone was on their feet, jumping and singing and screamed for more at the end. This guy is truly talented.

Altogether the festival was amazing and so fun to be a part of. With majority of people in fancy dress, a wedding, a world record attempt for the most fake beards worn, Wagner kissing a bride and brilliant performances it was definitely one of the best festivals I’ve been to. The atmosphere is great, the people are great and the festival was so enjoyable. If you need a weekend away Bearded Theory is definitely the place to go.

4 stars