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New DUB PISTOLS track free with DJ magazine

To celebrate the winners of this year “best of briitsh” awards DJ magazine are giving
away a free cd with a track from each artist that won an award
The DUB PISTOLS are delighted to have won best live act and have given DJ mag a brand
new single ” Armageddon

An exclusive upfront track from their forthcoming album,Armageddon showcases a new drum & bass-flavoured string to Barry Ashworth and the gang’s bow. With a conscious ragga vocal, massive Willie Williams/The Clash Armagideon Time-referencing chorus and huge reggae horns not to mention an immense dub basslinethis is dancefloor gold destined to obliterate club and festival floors through 2012 and beyond. We’d expect nothing less from the Best Live Band

The latest edition of DJ is in the shops now so go buy yourself a copy