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Pre-Order ‘The Return of The Pistoleros’ Album NOW!


Festival season is fast approaching, so what better time to welcome back the perfect soundtrack to a mucky weekend? Ladies and gentleman, make way for Dub Pistols – The Return of The Pistoleros!

“There’s always been a bit of the outlaw in classic reggae. A bit of spaghetti western, Mexican feel. That’s how we feel. We don’t have to try to fit in any more. We’re not going to be anyone’s flavour of the month. We’ve got our crowd and we’re getting new people all the time, from the ska dads to the festival kids, and it’s all word of mouth, no marketing, just from our live show. So I thought yeah, Pistoleros. Outlaws.”

– Barry Ashworth, Dub Pistols

Check out the new single ‘Pistoleros’ below

The album is out on Sunday Best Records on June 1st. Pre order now!

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